About the project

Lines in nature / La nature des choses
Lines in nature / La nature des choses 
is the title of a partnership between the Centre des arts, de la culture et du patrimoine de Chelsea (La Fab) and the Ottawa School of Art (OSA). The nature of this partnership is to bridge two communities, rural francophone with urban Anglophone, through multi-faceted collaborative processes.

The Exhibition
The exhibition, Lines in nature / La nature des choses, is defined by the production of collaborative artworks between established and emerging artists. This pairing is meant to facilitate the creation of collaborative pieces to be shown at La Fab. The process of collaboration is being documented in various forms by each team to be presented as blog posts and as an exhibition catalogue.

Exhibition opening: May 23rd
Closing party: June 21st
Gallery Address: 1-212, chemin Old Chelsea Road Chelsea (Québec)
 J9B 1J3
Email: art@culturechelsea.ca

2014-2015 Exhibition theme
Lines in nature / La nature des choses is meant as a poetic reference to:

  • The collaborative engagement between pairs of artists,
  • Lines of communication between organizations – La Fab and OSA,
  • Connections between the artists’ works and the cultural community of Chelsea,
  • The artist’s eye and how the greater world is enriched through the creative process and,
  • Lines of history and places.

The exhibition is meant to offer an educational viewing experience. The collaborative works produced will result from a rich mixture of processes and mediums. The exhibition will provide a unique viewing experience where different interpretations of the theme and medium application are presented as part of the collaborative process and where the process itself is recorded and shown as important to the work produced. In addition, various community support and outreach events will be held.

Exhibition support activities

  • Each weekend, for the duration of the exhibition, an artist team will be present to engage with the public.
  • An evening of discussion will be scheduled for the artists to engage with members of La Fab.
  • Guided school tours of the exhibition will be arranged by La Fab with the help of the artists.
  • The artists will participate in a round table discussion about the pros and cons of their collaboration. This is open to the public.
  • A fundraising auction of artworks is planned to coincide with the closing exhibition party.

Exhibition and Publication Team
Sandrine Kerouault, Coordinator, La Fab
Jeff Stellick, Executive Director, OSA
Margit Hideg, Board of Directors, La Fab
Gail Bourgeois, Project initiator and exhibition facilitator

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