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Closing Statement from Gail

Now that Lines in Nature / La nature des choses has closed we can look back on more than a year of preparation and work towards our exhibition. It has been an extraordinary experience for me filled with warmth and good natured cheer. We all have worked diligently to overcome the strangeness produced by working closely with another artist on the same piece. It can easily be said how successful the collaborations were as they are a testament to our sincere undertaking of the challenge. We presented a beautiful exhibition! A big thank you goes out to La Fab and especially to Sandrine for her unwavering support of our project.

Gail Bourgeois
Project Manager

Lines in Nature Auction

Overview with (front to back of space) Pira and Maggie’s painting, Carina and Andrew’s work, Géraldine and Paula’s ceramic seascape, Judith and Kathryn’s drawings for their animation


Carina and Andrew’s work on brick wall, Paul’s donation beside the window


Delphine and Melissa’s prints for the auction


Jeff’s comet with the catalogue cover 


Rolande and Gail’s collaboration for the fundraiser


Shirley and Gail’s book of drawings 

Auction night and end of show at La Fab

Yesterday was our last night at La Fab as a collaborating group. It was a nice evening that culminated with an art auction to benefit La Fab. Jeff graced us with the sound of his bagpipe. Some of us put work for the members show that will start June 27 (3 pm – 5 pm) until Aug 2nd. Here are some pictures taken last night.


Fundraiser at La Fab with Ottawa School of Art this Sunday evening, June 21

This is posted from my IPad so please forgive the roughness, just wanted to get the information out as soon as possible. The website allows you to buy you tickets online.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday night.

The online address for tickets to our event!

Delphine in her final preparations


Delphine is working on the final stages of her collaboration with Jeff, I love the triangular format, the black and white of the prints. See you on Saturday!

Invitation card for the show | Carte d’invitation pour l’exposition


An intriguing detail from the work of Maggie and Pira


Detail 1

I saw the work at the photo session last month and they were still discussing possibilities. It is a mixed media work with photo, printmaking, collage and painting – a wonderful mix of ideas, mediums and process. Looking forward to seeing the finished work onsite.


Finished piece close-ups from Paula/Géraldine

Paula Murray and Géraldine Petit-Gras are proud to present the fruit of their collaboration: On the Line | En eaux troubles. Here are 2 close-up pictures of the porcelain wall.


Paula Murray et Géraldine Petit-Gras sont fières de vous présenter le fruit de leur collaboration : On the Line | En eaux troubles. Voici 2 photos en gros-plan de leur pièce murale en porcelaine.


Close-up #1 On the Line | En eaux troubles by Paula Murray and Géraldine Petit-Gras.


Close-up #2 On the Line | En eaux troubles by Paula Murray and Géraldine Petit-Gras.

Patricia Smith’s work is close to completion


Devil is in the details! Almost finished the collaging. Next is the frame…have to make sure it endures anything Mother Nature can throw at it.

Photo shoot at the Ottawa School of Art

image image

image image image image image

A day that we had all been looking forward to, Maggie volunteered to photograph the works of the various collaborators, Pira helped with the complicated set-ups, everyone chipped in where they could. We all had a chance to, at long last, to see what everyone has been working so hard towards. I took the opportunity to take some photos but, sadly, was unable to capture a shot of everyone. Looking forward to seeing all of the work installed next month. Six weeks to the opening on the 23rd of May.

Patricia and Dawn working


This is from the first day we actually started to make marks on each other’s work. Up until this we had only talked about it in theory. Scones and tea make it an enjoyable and creative process!   Patricia