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Opening Reception on YouTube

SExceprt from Liana's Facebook Pagehe works fast and to the point. We would like to thank interviewer-videographer Liana Voia for doing a great job during our Reception.

You can see the fruit of her labour and ours on the videos she posted on YouTube. You can either select the artist of your choice Gail showing our catalogue with pride.doing a solo or team interview on Liana’s YouTube Channel and/or you can choose to watch the Artist Talk (23:43).

Setting up the blog

Dawn and I  are hard at work to set up this blog. It was tough to find a name that would be useable for the next group of artists in hopes the collaboration between La Fab and the Ottawa School of Art continues after us.

– Géraldine Petit-Gras

Géraldine and I are living proof of the collaborative process as it begins. Here at her home we talk and discover divergent and convergent perceptions about what this  blog is supposed to (could be, should be) be in terms of the process. She has the technical expertise in terms of setting up the blog while I was just the one who had mentioned it as a possibility to facilitate communication. So here we go on day one. Now to get everyone into the dialogue, into the process. Photos to follow.

– Dawn Dale